Microsoft Power Pages: What to Expect?


A plethora of business owners today look forward to building a secure website, which led to an exponential demand for robust web design tools. However, gone are the days when a developer has to follow a cumbersome process to create a website. The tech-giant Microsoft recently made creating scalable websites easier for developers by launching Power Pages. Unlike traditional access-based tools, Microsoft Power Pages is a step towards seamless and faster website development solutions. 

But it won’t end here. You can unlock many more features with this new platform. Check out the comprehensive guide on Microsoft Power Pages (MPP) platform.

What is a Microsoft Power Pages Platform?

Microsoft Power Pages is a standalone product that evolved from their Power Apps portal. The enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enables companies to build secure, business-centric web applications using low-code/no-code development tools. 

It means this visual, low-code model does not require technical expertise at all. Since this latest addition is an upgrade to Microsoft’s Power Apps portals, it also removes the hassle of migrating any of your running portals. Thus, organizations can build highly customization and aesthetically pleasing sites with just a few clicks.

Hosted as Azure App Service, Power Pages will also empower administrators to manage security easily. It boasts critical security capabilities, such as role-based access controls, table permissions, Azure web application firewall, and high-grade encryption technology. Besides, MPP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s existing cloud services, such as Teams, SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Power BI, Dataverse, and others. This integration will become a pivotal differentiator in the web development industry. 

Key Features of Power Pages

Currently available in the preview version, Microsoft Power Pages touts to offer a range of features crucial for building enterprise-grade websites. It includes:

  • Pages Workspace

The new Pages Workspace is the most significant addition by Microsoft to the MPP platform. It allows you to adjust the website’s aesthetics in a low-code/no-code way. Besides, you can edit pages like a 404 error with this upgraded platform, which wasn’t possible earlier. So proto-type, design, create and launch your site faster and smoothly through Power Pages. 

  • Styling Workspace

Another exciting feature of the Microsoft Power Pages platform is the Styling Workspace. In this, you can modify the styles for headers, footers, forms, lists, buttons, and various other elements through 13 templates or themes. Further, it allows you to save and repurpose your styling. 

Apart from the preset themes, it offers a customization option for the background color, fonts, buttons, color palette, and section margins. Thus, you can suffice the branding goals of a company with Styling Workspace.

  • Data Workspace

To improve and optimize data-based areas, Microsoft closely looked into the feedback from unsatisfied Power Apps Portals Community. Since online platforms are highly vulnerable to data exposure, Microsoft ensured external users interact seamlessly with its cloud-based Dataverse service by integrating Data Workspace on Power Pages. Dataverse will let visitors securely access and share data when they visit your site.

  • Template Hub

Discover various ready-to-go website templates on the MPP platform for use-cases and UI options. You will get the necessary building blocks in all the templates for building an incredible landing page. Similar to the Power Apps template, Microsoft expanded the pre-built scenarios so you can select a style that fits your brand, such as API usage themes. 

  • Learn Hub

As the name implies, it is a free, centralized repository of guides and tutorials on website frameworks and working with code components. So whether you’re a first-time user or need further guidance for a project, get all training materials from the Power Pages Learn Hub. Here, you can directly understand various elements of this cutting-edge platform.

Bottom Line…

From advanced capabilities with JavaScript to fully-featured templates and a low-code design studio, you’ll find it all under one roof. Currently, in preview mode, Microsoft Power Pages aims to provide a powerful and flexible experience to both new and professional web application developers.

With a range of UI tools and processes, the platform will help build solutions to optimize business workflow with partners, community members, and clients. The automated workflows and low-code business site can drive conversions and boost sales for your company. Undoubtedly, Power Pages is the next-generation enterprise-grade web development platform for worldwide customers.

Seems interesting? Schedule a consultation to explore how Power Platform can assist you with your digital transformation. VNB Consulting Services is a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Partner assisting customers implement Power Platform solutions since the inception of Power Apps, Power BI , Power Automate, Power Apps Pages and Power Virtual Agents

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