Power BI For Law Firms

VNB’s Power BI content pack for law firms is a pre-built Power BI solution with most of the commonly used KPI’s for legal firms. The content pack offers an easy to use, law firm KPI dashboard with  pre-built dimensional data model with reports and dashboards. Dashboard views are customization for whatever role the user is in your organization. Information is displaced based on Billing Attorney, Billing Responsible Attorney and Matter Responsible Attorney. In addition, there are law firm KPI dashboard views for Office Management, Practice Management and Firm Executives. Security is built in to provide access to information based on user roles.

law firm kpi dashboard 3 powerbi vnb consulting

Billable Hours

Billable Hours shows time that has been worked but not has yet been built. Summary tiles to give you information at a glance. Tiles include top 10 clients and matter by billable hours, Billable hours by office and Practice Group and details tab.

law firm kpi dashboard 2 powerbi vnb consulting

Work In Progress

Work in progress shows the work that is going on and value of that work. In the firm management view, we have summary information based on practice group and office group. In addition, we have details and comparison of prior year to this year.

law firm kpi dashboard 1 powerbi vnb consulting

Account Receivable

Account receivable shows the amount of fees still to be collected. This summary are handy for billing teams, office management and practice management. Tiles include summary, top 10 clients and matter by A/R , A/R by practice group and office and details tab.

law firm kpi dashboard 4 powerbi vnb consulting


Revenue shows the amount of money being collected. This is based on user role and authorized view of information. Comparison of fees collected this year vs prior year along with details tab.