Leave Management Power Apps- An Ally Between HR and Employees


Importance of Leave Management for an organization

Time-off from work is an essential company policy for employees. But managing the leave applications, leftover paid leaves, and casual leaves is a challenging yet crucial task for the HR team. Manually tracking accrued leaves is nearly impossible, tedious, and time-consuming for HR. Ultimately, it won’t just lead to a delay in the leave application process but will also cause an error in payroll accounting. So here’s come into the picture state-of-the-art automated leave management Power Apps.

VNB Leave Management Power Apps – Key Features

Comprehensive Dashboard 

VNB’s Leave Management Power Apps is a smart and easy-to-use app that both employees and HRs can use hassle-free. Its all-in-one dashboard allows the processing of leave applications, tracking balance leaves and company policies.

Further, workers no more need to check the calendars for the upcoming holidays. The application’s company holidays calendar covers year-round holidays all under one roof. A user can even apply a month and year filter to quickly screen the available breaks in a specific month of a particular year in their organization.

Process Automation

Built using Microsoft Power Automation, HR managers can instantly check the leave request submitted by any employee via the VNB’s Leave Management Power Apps. Further, employees can know whether the manager approved or rejected the application directly on their app account. 

It doesn’t end here. This advanced tool even automatically updates the balance leaves. Thus, making it easier for HRs and employees alike for future reference.

Role-wise Accessibility

The multi-purpose VNB Leave Management System platform provides role-wise accessibility. It means one application can be switched and used between HRs, employees, and a company manager. 

Employees can submit the time-off request, while the HRs can look into the leave applications for further processing. On the other hand, the managers can approve or reject a submitted leave application from their accounts. So the entire long-haul operation amalgamates into a straightforward and quick process with this Microsoft-powered leave management system. 

Thus, automation saves HRs from performing repetitive tasks. Besides, it eliminates the hassle and cost of investing in more than one software for different organizational departments.


Companies can customize the leave system and segregate employees and managers according to region. Moreover, administrators can create customized modules for the Leave Management System as per requirements. From leave types to setting limitations based on the company’s policies, the system can be tailored to one’s needs.

VNB Leave Management Power Apps – Functionality

Since the system runs on Microsoft Dataverse, the accessibility and functioning of VNB’s Leave management system differ based on the user’s roles in a company. Basically, the platform facilitates specific services to employees, HR managers, and admins. Here are five core tabs of the VNB Leave Management System accessible for different roles.

  1. Apply – Accessible to Employees and HRs
  2. My Requests – Accessible to Employees and HRs
  3. Leave Balance – Accessible to Employees and HRs
  4. Company Holidays – Accessible to Employees and HRs
  5. Approvals – Only for HR Managers

Let’s check out a step-by-step guide to comprehend the working maneuvers of this app according to the user.

For Company Admins

  • Administration Set up –  Its role-based feature enables the company’s admin to configure credentials, employee roles, and permissions anytime for any individual user. 
  • Dashboard Management – Admin can also upgrade various aspects of the leave management system. It includes the leave types, policies, limits, company holidays, employee details, and regions. 

For Company Employees

  • Log in – First, the user must log in to their account using the credentials given by the Admin. Click on the leave management tab to proceed further.
  • Home page – From the homepage, a few options will pop up from where you can enter the start and end date to apply for the paid leaves. Employees can even add a reason for the leaves. Besides, a user can also check the available paid-off and sick-off on the same page to submit a leave application accordingly.
  • Apply for leave – Click the apply button to access the leave option. Alternatively, you can save the application as a draft to submit it later. On submission, an employee will receive a request number that can be used to track the status of the leave application request.
  • Check the leave status- In the ‘my request’ section, employees can check the status of their applied leave. It includes approved, rejected, or pending. If the leave application is denied, the user can edit and resubmit it. Users can also search with the request number to quickly check particular leave applications.
  • Check leave balance – Users can check the remaining leaves in the “Check Leave” tab. All types of leave, such as sick and paid time off, are shown separately with individual information.

For HR Managers

  • Approve/Reject Leaves – These options are only accessible to the HR Managers. They will instantly receive a notification via email once an employee applies for the leave. In the approval tab of the leave management platform, the manager can see three tabs to take action on the received leave applications, including Submitted, Rejected, and Approved. The employee will get an email alert on approval or rejection of the leave by the Manager.
  • Company Holidays – Both employees and managers can access this tab to check the company holidays by applying the Year and Month filter.

Bottom Line…

For any enterprise, a leave management app is mandatory to manage leaves and avoid payroll errors. According to a survey by The American Payroll Association, an error rate of about 1-8% exists when it comes to handling payroll.

Thus automation and customization are the need of the hour. It is where the VNB’s Leave Management Power Apps helps lessen the burden by reducing payroll errors below 1%. Also, it saves time and helps find the best optimum productivity level by integrating existing customized modules with HR Management software.

VNB Consulting Services is a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Partner assisting customers implement Power Platform solutions since the inception of Power Apps, Power BI , Power Automate, Power Apps Pages and Power Virtual Agents. Schedule a consultation to explore how Power Platform can assist you with your digital transformation.

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