Accelerate your Power BI adoption with VNB, a Microsoft managed Power BI Partner and Consultants with expert strategy, development, and training consulting services

VNB is an early adopter and trusted partner with Power BI, a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions. We have been providing Microsoft Power BI consulting and development services since its inception in 2015 and will assist you in addressing your complex business intelligence and analytics needs leveraging Power BI to unleash the hidden potential of your data.

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    Our Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

    Our comprehensive Microsoft Power BI consulting services and strategies ensures a perfectly crafted solution for your business.

    New Power BI Implementation

    Since its inception in 2015, quickly Power BI has now become a leader in the BI & Analytics space with its unique cloud offering. With many customers looking to start their Power BI journey, we at VNB have developed a proven methodology to assist our customers with this journey. Our team of Power BI experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your business scenarios and would put together an implementation plan tailor made for your data insights.

    Whether you are looking to replace your legacy BI or build a BI solution from ground up VNB Power BI team have the expertise and experience to build enterprise level BI to meet your business needs. We are an end to end BI solution provider with expertise in data integration, data warehousing, data modeling and data visualization.

    Contact us today for a free assessment and a Microsoft Power BI consultation plan from one of our expert PowerBI engineers.

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    Migration To Power BI

    Customers have been using traditional on premise BI products such as SSRS, Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy etc. for their BI needs since many years. Tough these products have served the purpose for many years but their lack of vision to address modern BI needs and cost have forced the customers to look at Power BI, a 3rd generation self service modern BI product.

    Our experience with traditional BI products and Power BI has made us one of the most reliable partner for migration to Power BI. We have built a proven methodology to migrate your SSRS, Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy BI reports and dashboards to Power BI platform.

    Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current Power BI deployments and a Microsoft Power BI consultation plan for migration.

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    Custom PowerBI Visual Development

    PowerBI provides a rich set of out of box visuals. But certain enterprise BI scenarios requires enhancement of out of box visuals or development of custom Power BI visuals from scratch. These challenging scenarios requires a partner with proven hands on experience with PowerBI visual development process.

    VNB’s expertise with custom PowerBI visual development and PowerBI makes it an ideal partner to develop custom visuals or enhance out of box PowerBI visuals. Our certified visual development and PowerBI team would work in collaboration with your data teams to define a plan and execute the same in time and within budget.

    Contact us today for a free assessment of your custom visual business scenario and development.

    Power BI And Azure Synapse Analytics

    Certain enterprise BI scenarios require Power BI to leverage Azure Analytics Services such as Azure Data factory for integration, Azure Synapse for data management, Azure Analysis Services for data modeling and Azure Databricks for data science. These challenging scenarios requires a partner with proven Azure Analytics and Power BI expertise.

    VNB’s expertise with Azure Synapse Analytics and PowerBI makes it an ideal partner to setup enterprise BI architecture. Our certified Azure Analytics and PowerBI team would work in collaboration with your data teams to define a plan and execute the same in time and within budget.

    Contact us today for a free assessment of your architecture and an implementation plan.

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    Power BI Workshops & Proof of Concepts

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    Dashboards in a Day: 1-Day Workshop

    VNB’s Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is a 1 Day hands-on workshop for business and IT, covering the breadth of Power BI capabilities with hand-on labs. At the end of the day, attendees will better understand how to:

    • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
    • Define business rules and KPIs
    • And more.
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    Power BI: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

    This limited implementation is designed to evaluate if PowerBI Platform is right for your organization’s Business Intelligence initiative. We set up Power BI Dashboards and Reports using your data and show the capabilities of Power BI to slice and dice your data. This Proof of Concept implementation can be expanded to your production environment.

    Power BI Assessment


    Power BI: 2-Day Assessment

    An evaluation of your current BI processes that results in a detailed plan for PowerBI deployment. This 2-day assessment is held onsite at your facility or remotely. The engagement will include meetings with your BI business owners, as well as IT stakeholders.

    Our Customer Stories


    A Freight Company Leverages Power BI to Generate Sales and Dispatcher Performance Reports for Better Decision-Making.

    VNB assisted a freight company to create Sales and Dispatcher Performance Reports, which enable the company to track and analyze the performance of their sales and dispatcher teams. 

    VNB Customer Story

    An Electronic Design Automation company implements the 9-Box report using Power BI to assess individual’s potential and performance

    VNB assisted the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company implement the 9-Box report to help Identify High Potential Employees, Support Succession Planning, Improve Talent, and Performance Management.


    A plumbing, heating and industrial supplies company implements automated QA validation process for their modern data warehousing solution using Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI

    VNB assisted major Industrial Supply and Wholesale distribution corporation automate their process for validating and auditing their Statement of Operations.


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