Power BI for Healthcare

VNB’s Power BI healthcare dashboards will assist all size healthcare organizations in getting insights into single or multiple facilities, patients, departments, clinical records, revenue etc. to be able to react and provide good patient support system while help grow the organization with our custom Power BI healthcare dashboards.

power bi healthcare dashboards vnb 1

Patient Visit Summary

Patient Visit Summary provides insights into patient headcount, year over year change to quickly identify if there needs to action to help improve, patient count by various age groups by case type , race and gender.

power bi healthcare dashboards vnb 2

Hospital Statistics

Provides quick view of how all hospitals are doing across all facilities, how many beds are available and availed, how many discharges happened, what is the ratio of beds vs discharge etc.

power bi healthcare dashboards vnb 3

Department Information

Analytics around doctors and staff and their specialization, how each specialty area is doing, which areas are busier than others, what times are more busy than others, is the waiting time appropriate etc.

power bi healthcare dashboards vnb 5

Revenue Summary

Check out key analytics on revenue such as year over year revenue, revenue lost, revenue by department, how far is the time in making the targeted revenue and by Coverage. The team also will be able to filter based on year, month, department and Facility.

power bi healthcare dashboards vnb 4

Bed Classification & Designation

Review insightful details on Bed classifications by Department, discharges, intra hospital transfers, by city and side by side comparison on census vs. beds vs, discharges along with KPIs such as bed count and patient count.

Common challenges the content pack solves

  • Data spread across multiple systems

  • Too much time consumed in manually creating reports

  • Reports need to be explained

  • Reports not centralized

  • Do not have the resources to clean up data and consolidate

  • Security concerns

  • Quick turnaround time on report modifications

  • Up to date data insights to action accordingly