A Snowflake Proof of Concept engagement that will set up Snowflake and validate the capabilities for the business’s specific data challenges and objectives.

This Snowflake Proof of Concept implementation is designed to evaluate if Snowflake is right for your organization’s data challenges. The organization can assess the platform’s compatibility with their data structure, scalability requirements, and overall business goals. This PoC implementation can be expanded to your production environment.


  • Current Environment Assessment Report
  • Setting up and running Snowflake instance, Data Pipelines (ETL/ETL) depending on the business use case
  • Configuring staging, development and production environment
  • Step-by-step implementation with accurate business transformation logic
  • Business data integration capabilities within Snowflake
  • Performance testing of the PoC setup along with the report
  • Detailed PoC Summary Report


Day 1
Kick-off meeting with your business stakeholders, review of your current business environment and data challenges, review of data sources and integration requirements, discuss key performance indicators and success criteria, and finalize the scope of Snowflake Proof of Concept.

Day 2
Setting up the Snowflake environment – creating the database and table, activating warehouses to load the data depending on the size of your data, load your business data in Snowflake. Depending on the business requirement, we will set up separate warehouses for ETL and BI to scale your resources during peak hours and off hours.

Day 3
Our experts will run test queries on your data to demonstrate the power of Snowflake over your current implementations. We will perform concurrency testing with a mix of different queries to see how the system handles the load. This also includes evaluation of the platform’s performance with the integrated data and workloads.

Day 4
We will demonstrate Snowflake’s security features and governance controls. Our experts will develop simple dashboards and reports to showcase Snowflake’s rich analytics capabilities.

Day 5
We will train your team on the steps to access and utilize Snowflake for your business needs. Summarizing the key processes, configurations and findings during the PoC. Discuss feedback from the business stakeholders and wrap up the PoC by reviewing the metrics against the objectives set during the initial discussion.

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