Power BI for Non Profits

VNB Nonprofit content pack is a pre-built Power BI non profit dashboard solution designed to help non-profit organizations to quickly gather insights into their various programs, properties, people and financials to be able to react quickly to assist people in need.

power bi non profit dashboard vnb consulting 1

Beneficiary Analytics

Beneficiary Analytics provides useful insights into headcount, program count, how many beneficiaries were supported by what programs, properties, location etc., percentage of beneficiaries by category, how long did they stay in the program, the locations etc. along with demographic data.

power bi non profit dashboard vnb consulting 3

Incident Analysis

Allows the organization to understand the incidents data by property, by program, by demographics and even by beneficiaries themselves. It helps the team to understand what can be done to reduce the incidents and help the residents.

power bi non profit dashboard vnb consulting 2

Property Analytics

One can quickly understand all the properties that the organization is managing or has access to support their beneficiaries. It provides the side by side comparison of what is vacant vs. occupied and yearly trend about the same. It also provides a quick look at the top 10 properties with incidents to allow the management to act if necessary.

power bi non profit dashboard vnb consulting 4

Donation Analytics

Provides key analytics on donations, total donors, campaigns etc., along with the insights on yearly trend, which donation range do most of the donors come from, what are the channels and cities.

Common challenges the content pack solves

  • Insights into reaction times for Incidents at properties

  • Insights into fundraising efficiencies

  • Actioning on reductions in vacant beds

  • Data spread across multiple systems

  • Too much time consumed in manually creating reports

  • Reports need to be explained

  • Reports not centralized

  • Do not have the resources to clean up data and consolidate

  • Security concerns

  • Quick turnaround time on report modifications

  • Up to date data insights to action accordingly