Power BI for HR (Human Resources)

VNB’s Power BI content pack for HR is a pre-built human resources dashboard with most commonly used KPIs for HR processess. It offers industry standard data model, reports and dashboards with secure access. All human resources dashboards are persona based, in current context it explains why there is an increasing emphasis on finding and attracting the best talent. Information is spread by Powerful Views like Headcount summary, Turnover analytics, Employee Service Record and Job Change Analytics and could be integrated with any data source easily.


Headcount summary

Headcount summary explains present headcount of employees by Location, race, gender, department, company, job level and timeline. It also explains one of the important KPI i.e. Attrition rate by month.

human resources dashboard 2 power bi vnb consulting

Turnover Analytics

Turnover analytics explains Turnover rate by involuntary/voluntary status, Race, Ethnicity, job function and location to understand manpower health KPIs.

human resources dashboard 3 power bi vnb consulting

Employee Service Analytics

This view explains average service by employees in its organization by various segments like company, job level, service department and location.

human resources dashboard 4 power bi vnb consulting

Job Change Insights

This view explains Job leavers by reason of leaving. There can be various reasons to leave the job and HR needs to understand the reason to identify the area of improvement in order to improve the manpower stability.