An evaluation engagement that will set up Power BI POC Dashboards and Reports based on your data.


This limited implementation is designed to evaluate if Power BI Platform is right for your organization’s Business Intelligence initiative. We set up Power BI POC Dashboards and Reports using your data and show the capabilities of Power BI to slice and dice your data. This Proof of Concept implementation can be expanded to your production environment.


– Provisioning of PowerBI Pro license
– Setup Data Sources for PowerBI
– Setup of Data Model in PowerBI
– Setup of Dashboards and Reports in PowerBI using your data
– Show capabilities of PowerBI by slicing and dicing your data
– 2 hours of training


– Day 1: Kick-off meeting with you, review of your current BI processes, and finalize the scope of POC with you.
– Day 2: Provisioning of PowerBI Pro subscription and setup of data sources for PowerBI.
– Day 3: Setup of Data Model for PowerBI.
– Day 4: Setup of Dashboards and Reports in Power BI using your data. Show capabilities of PowerBI by slicing and dicing your data.
– Day 5: Final walk through with you, Proof of Concept closure, and planning of next steps.

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    A Freight Company Leverages Power BI to Generate Sales and Dispatcher Performance Reports for Better Decision-Making.

    VNB assisted a freight company to create Sales and Dispatcher Performance Reports, which enable the company to track and analyze the performance of their sales and dispatcher teams. 

    VNB Customer Story

    An Electronic Design Automation company implements the 9-Box report using Power BI to assess individual’s potential and performance

    VNB assisted the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company implement the 9-Box report to help Identify High Potential Employees, Support Succession Planning, Improve Talent, and Performance Management.


    A plumbing, heating and industrial supplies company implements automated QA validation process for their modern data warehousing solution using Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI

    VNB assisted major Industrial Supply and Wholesale distribution corporation automate their process for validating and auditing their Statement of Operations.


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