Vendor Management Power Apps

VNB’s Vendor Management Power Apps is a fully functioning Vendor management application control system, that incorporates Microsoft Power Automate, using an application driven hierarchical structure and built with Power Apps. The application has a natural division between administrative functions and vendors, approvals, reports with role-based access.

vendor management power apps 6

Main Landing page

When a user lands on this screen, the Vendor Management App displays menu based on the user role. As an Administrator, you can manage master entities for running the app through Administrator section, Vendor label will allow you to make Vendor Details and to see Approval of vendor management   and   also Reports to see the vendor status.

vendor management power apps 5

Administrator Screen

This Screen allows an Administrator to access and maintain key pieces of information such as Manage companies, manage fields to Approval Levels and   also managing user and their roles.

vendor management power apps 4

Manage Users

In this Manage users screen, Administrator can see all users, search for the users and can extract the      user data from office account, Assign role for the selected users.

vendor management power apps 3

Edit Users Data

In this screen Administrator can Add new user and can edit the existing users by selecting the users in the users   screen gallery.

vendor management power apps 2


This screen helps Vendors to Add their details like Vendor Type, Vendor Group, Payment Terms, Payment Methods and Currency.

vendor management power apps 1

Manage Vendors

In this screen Administrator manage vendors by adding new vendor types and editing existing vendors details and bank

In this screen Administrator can extract the selected vendor details from the gallery in Manage vendors screen and can edit the details.