Time Tracker Power Apps

VNB’s Power Apps Time Tracker and Scheduling App is a fully functioning, project based, Microsoft Office 365 integrated, time entry control system, that incorporates Microsoft Flow communication, using an application driven hierarchical structure and built with PowerApps functionality.. The application has a natural division between administrative functions (Project Maintenance) and timesheet entry and time scheduling (Timesheet Entry & Approvals). Administrators have a full range of dimension that can be entered for each project; items include business expenditures for a project like: CAPX, OPEX, vendor cost estimates, hardware, licensing, etc.

powerapps scheduling app 1 vnb consulting

Main Landing Screen

When a user lands on this screen, the Time Tracker app displays menu options based on the role of the user. As can Administrator, you can manage master entities for running the App through Administrator section, Timesheet option allows you to enter time along and also approve/reject times if you are a Manager, and the Reports section give you insights into your projects, resource usage etc.

powerapps scheduling app 2 vnb consulting

Administrator Screen

This screen allows an Administrator to access and maintain key pieces of information such as Clients, Departments, Projects, Tasks along with management of Users and their roles. In addition to the above, Tasks entity allows for assigning a task as global meaning accessed across all projects. You can also set Project Managers through user role mapping section and assign projects to resources through Projects section.

powerapps scheduling app 3 vnb consulting

Time Entry & Approval

A very user-friendly Time Sheet Entry screen allows for resources to put time against the different projects and either Save or Submit for Approval. One can add tasks on the fly if it doesn’t exist, delete a time entry if incorrect etc. Once submitted, the resource will not be allowed to make any changes.

powerapps scheduling app 4 vnb consulting

Power BI Embedded in PowerApps

Our reports embedded in PowerApps provides a quick look at what happened with all projects and resources in the previous week. If you need to slice and dice, clicking on any of the tiles will bring you into PowerBI for deeper insights into long term data and more visualizations.

powerapps scheduling app 5 vnb consulting

Lazy Approvals & Notifications

Keeping with the theme of making the app user friendly and easy, this app also comes with lazy approvals option where the manager receives the request to Approve/Reject through emails and can click right there to do the same. Other notifications such as times approved or rejected are also part of the system.