An evaluation of your current processes that results in a detailed plan for Dynamics 365 for Sales deployment.

This 2-day Dynamics 365 for sales assessment is held on-site at your facility. The engagement will include meetings with the clients of your Sales processes, as well as IT stakeholders.



– Clear visibility into a Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation for your business processes.
– Discovery, Analysis, and Migration/Implementation Plan.


– Discovery and analysis of the your current Sales system environment
– Creation of a detailed plan to highlight overall migration/implementation process, customizations, data migration and integration.

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    Power and Utilities Organization Consolidate Multiple CRMs to Target New Markets

    VNB assisted a Power and Utilities Organization Consolidate Multiple CRMs into One Dynamics 365 CE to Target New Markets

    dynamics 365 customer engagement plan solution vnb consulting

    Migration From A Legacy CRM (Maximizer) To Dynamics 365 Services For A Fitness Brand In Canada

    VNB assisted a Canadian fitness brand move from a legacy CRM (Maximizer) to Dynamics 365 to improve customer service.


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