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For several businesses, preventing accidental disclosure and misuse of your organization’s sensitive data plays an integral role in complying with industry standards. This sensitive information can comprise Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, and health records. So, to protect business-critical information, Microsoft recently introduced Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Power BI. 

What is Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention?

Formerly known as Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Microsoft Purview is an upgraded, unified data governance solution. The system facilitates businesses to define and apply DLP policies for sensitive content. Besides, Machine Learning algorithms and other AI-based processes also enable the latest DLP system to analyze, detect and secure confidential content from external threats. Eventually, allowing organizations to enhance the business data value. 

Microsoft Purview DLP works across various Microsoft services and platforms, including Teams, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Exchange, and SharePoint. 

Functions of Microsoft Purview DLP

With a DLP policy for Power BI, companies can easily identify and manage sensitive data to make sure it complies with business regulations. It means you can meet your organization’s legal and technical regulations from Microsoft Purview Compliance Center. The portal includes eDiscovery, Data Governance, Threat Management, User Permissions, Office 365 Auditing, and Alerts dashboards. Thus, security or IT admins can manage tons of data daily from this compliance portal. 

Since policy rules can be attached to the dataset, this feature auto-defines the nature of the sensitive information. By default, DLP-monitored activities are stored in the Microsoft 365 Audit log. For instance, the DLP will exfiltrate and automatically block the accidental sharing of any health record email or document with people outside your organization.

When an action matches the criteria of a configured DLP policy rule, the user will instantly receive alerts in the DLP alert management dashboard. If activated, administrators can also receive notifications about identified sensitive data through the mail.

Trigger Actions by Data Loss Prevention System

If data is accessed from an unauthorized location, the DLP system will automatically trigger the following protective actions for the admins:

  • Alerting about unauthorized access or sharing of sensitive information through screen pop-up
  • Instant blocking of the sharing option to prevent overriding the warning window and accessing data. 
  • Moving the data files to a secure quarantine location if the data is at rest.
  • Hides confidential data on the Teams chat feature.

Two Major Upgradations to Microsoft Purview DLP System 

1. CPU metering for DLP policy evaluation

Microsoft Purview enables users to evaluate sensitive data tagged with sensitivity labels in the DLP compliance portal by the security admins. To conclude whether there is any sensitive content or not from endpoint devices, Power BI will conduct an evaluation based on one of the four data upload actions:

  • Publish
  • Republish
  • On-demand refresh
  • Scheduled refresh 

However, this entire dataset evaluation process requires a premium capacity CPU. Basically, the CPU consumption while assessing data is 30% of the consumption during refresh action. This evaluation system can allow you to anticipate the impact of DLP policies on your overall Capacity CPU utilization. It also helps execute capacity planning when you release DLP policies for your business.

2. Overriding policy tips and reporting false positives

Now, you can share feedback and insights on the policies as per rules configured by the users in Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal. Further, this process ensures a seamless built-in communication channel and operation within the organization.

From the dataset’s detail page, admins can view all the policy rules configured for the business information. They can also resolve the issues in the case of falsely detected data based on any one or a combination of these actions:

  • Report an issue
  • Override the policy
  • Report and override

Bottom Line

Compromised data won’t just affect enterprises financially but will also hamper their reputation in the market. Since data loss is a primary concern for almost every e-business nowadays, Microsoft Data Loss Prevention Purview for Power BI can be a one-stop solution to prevent your company’s valuable content from any breaches.

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