Empowering a Utilities Company with Seamless OBIEE to Power BI Migration for Amplified Analytical Advantages.



VNB helped a Utilities company migrate from OBIEE to Power BI, resulting in significant cost savings while also improving their analytics capabilities. By leveraging Power BI’s advanced features and designing custom dashboards, VNB was able to streamline the company’s reporting processes and provide a comprehensive view of their operations. Read on to learn how the transition to Power BI empowered the Utilities company to make data-driven decisions and optimize their business outcomes.

Customer Profile

Customer provides a wide range of products and services related to energy and utilities. They offer natural gas, electricity, propane, and related products to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. They also provide energy-related services such as energy efficiency solutions, renewable energy, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services. Their goal is to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions to their clients.

Customer Situation

The customer was struggling with data silos and disparate reporting tools hindering collaboration and information sharing. They needed a solution to unify data sources, streamline reporting, and overcome the limitations of OBIEE, including complex implementation, limited self-service capabilities, outdated user interface, and limited integration options. The complexity of the data landscape required expertise in data management and reporting best practices for effective data unification.

VNB Solution

VNB's BI team conducted a thorough review of the customer's data landscape and proposed a data gateway architecture to handle the multiple data sources such as SAP data sources, Legacy Oracle DW, and SQL server. Best practices were put in place for installation and configuration of gateway servers for different environments. Relational views were made available to the team, and data from multiple sources was imported into Power BI using the HANA connector. VNB team used standard and custom visuals to create a dashboard catering to the business requirements. Paginated reports were created for displaying detailed reports with huge data, which were used to send subscription emails to business users at a set frequency. The solution provided by VNB addressed the challenges faced by the customer in unifying their reporting interface, enabling all departments and business units to focus on a single unified reporting tool. It enabled the business users to view, analyze and assimilate data from different sources and act in a timely manner. The solution leveraged the advantages of Power BI over OBIEE, such as better visualization techniques, ease of use, and improved collaboration. The customer was provided with exhaustive test cases and user manuals to assist in UAT testing and sign off.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved visibility into financial performance of specific projects, activities, and costs, leading to better decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity using automated reporting and analysis tools.
  • Better collaboration between departments and teams, resulting in improved communication and alignment of business goals.
  • Enhanced security and compliance measures, ensuring that data is protected and in compliance with regulations.
  • Reduced IT costs and infrastructure requirements by leveraging cloud-based solutions.
  • Greater scalability and flexibility, enabling VNB to adapt to changing business needs and requirements.
  • Improved data quality and accuracy with data validation and cleansing techniques.
  • Faster and more accurate reporting by using paginated reports, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

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