HR Analytics Using PowerBI For A Large Specialty Chemicals Company


VNB built a Power BI HR dashboard solution for a chemicals company to easily get insights on employees headcount and turnover from different regions across globe

Customer Profile

A widely recognized organization in multiple industries such as chemicals, energy and real estate with a large number of employees interested in a Power BI HR dashboard.


Customer Situation

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Customer was looking for a reporting solution which could provide them insights into how the company was doing with regards to their people whether full time, part time or contractors. Currently different members of human resources manually pull information for different regions and collate it to provide to their senior management for review. Manually creating visuals in Excel and trying to draw insights from it across regions and companies didn’t provide accurate information which made decisions difficult.

VNB Solution

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Initial round of discussion with HRIS team helped identify the sources of data and the challenges team had with standardization. After detailed analysis of requirements VNB proposed a Power BI HR dashboardreporting solution which would give them most of the dashboards and reports created, after which it could be tweaked easily to each region’s or companies need, thus also eliminating rework or duplication. Reports were created persona based, to help explain why there is an increasing emphasis on finding and attracting the best talent. VNB’s solution helped with the growing competition for talent which was a result of rising candidate awareness. Powerful reports and dashboard like Headcount summary, Turnover analytics, Employee Service Record and Job Change Analytics were prebuilt to help ease users to onboard to PowerBI The users could easily slice and dice the details by various classification such as race, gender, ethnicity job level, skill level, company, location etc. whether it was for headcount analysis or turnover.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer didn’t have to go to multiple excels sheets stored in various places anymore, just going to a single site for service helped them to quickly get to their analytics.
  • End user can utilize the Power BI template to create their own version of report by few step changes. User doesn’t need to come to developer to have their reports change\developed from scratch.

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