A pharmaceutical company implements Custom PowerBI Visual for deeper insights into drugs launch milestones


VNB developed a custom PowerBI visual for a pharmaceutical company to aid seamless reporting of program/product launch milestones across their products, regions, sub-regions, and countries  

Customer Profile  

Customer is a leading nationally and internationally recognized pharmaceutical dedicated to providing innovative treatment in several therapeutic areas of cardio-metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, genetic medicines etc.  

They strive to research and provide best-in-class medications created through innovative methodologies and specialized technologies hence ensuring best treatment to people that need them the most.  

Customer Situation 


Customer has been using a multitude of technologies in trying to keep up with their program launch timelines for all their products in various countries. It is a tedious manual effort for them currently to provide a report every two weeks to upper management.  Along with the usual challenges of connecting to various technologies and manual consolidation of data they were also dealing with the inconsistencies in data. Hence, the customer needed a system that would eliminate the duplication of efforts across various teams providing similar reports to upper management and move away from manual effort and ensure error free reporting.  They needed a robust reporting system that would read, and report program/product launch timelines based on pre-defined milestones across regions and countries in a seamless manner that would ensure accurate, better, and faster insights to the upper management.    After a thorough vendor selection process, the customer selected VNB Team to help them build the custom visual and reports for their situation.

VNB Solution 


VNB BI-amp; Analytics team kicked off the project with multiple rounds of business team/user interviews to capture requirements and detailed review of the current siloed reporting landscape. After a thorough review of requirements, current landscape, and future vision, VNB team proposed creating a new custom visual to handle the specific reporting needs of the customer.     The existing out-of-box matrix visual was enhanced using typescript code to incorporate the milestone icons, text corresponding to icons, visual representation of progress between milestones, custom groupings for regions, sub-regions and countries, custom ordering within groupings and dynamic legend and heading displays for the report. VNB team worked relentlessly to ensure that every business requirement of the client was in place and the generated report was very similar to the legacy reports so that it is an easy transition for the power users from the legacy to new report.   VNB provided timely support and effective communication throughout the UAT process. 

Customer Benefits 

  • Created a centralized reporting system for program/product specific timelines
  • Automated the flow of data  
  • Built user friendly reports to cater to various audience groups and aided their ability to make business decisions
  • Quick turnover on creating reports and dashboards

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