Sound Solution To An Environment With Multiple Systems And Multiple Transaction Points


VNB Consulting helped implement an integrated solution that replaced an aging middleware system and consolidated disparate end systems and applications with a new BizTalk middleware platform.

Customer Profile

A global leader specialized in designs, production and marketing of award-winning fitness equipments interested in a new BizTalk middleware implementation

Customer Situation

biztalk middleware integration

The client had multiple environments, including Ecommerce sites, Dynamics CRM and (SFDC) integrating to their SAP ERP system. However, as additional ecommerce sites were added along with other end systems, SAP Xi failed to meet the growing demands.The client needed a full scale middleware tool that could effectively and efficiently address their needs. Client reached out to VNB Consulting to evaluate their existing environment and recommend a robust middleware solution.

Our Solution Offering

biztalk middleware integration

After evaluating the client’s existing infrastructure, VNB Consulting recommended and implemented a Microsoft BizTalk middleware platform with a 3-layer server architecture and an Integration layer consisting of the following core interfaces. - Sales Order interface from multiple eCommerce sites and eBay to SAP. - Sale Order ACK and Ship Confirm interface from SAP to eCommerce and eBay. - Part Orders interface from Dynamics CRM to SAP. Customers, Pricing, Vendors and Materials from SAP to CRM. - Opportunities from SFDC to SAP. Product, Pricing and Customers to SFDC. - Tax Data from Taxware to eCommerce. - Materials from SAP to UPS. - ACH payments from SAP to Bank. To enable this, our team implemented a common reusable solution for receiving orders from the eCommerce sites. The resulted in 85% reduction in time and resources.

Customer Benefits

  • By upgrading to new BizTalk based solutions, customer saved 20% annually on maintenance cost.
  • A future-ready standards based solution that makes it easy for the client to implement new ecommerce sites.
  • A Stable system with minimal production issues.

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