Reusable Deployment Solution Using Azure Infrastructure As Code


VNB provided a reusable deployment solution on Azure infrastructure as code to a healthcare services provider to create a mission critical environment

Customer Profile

Customer offers sophisticated, easy-to-use solutions that make it easy to rise to the challenge across clinical, financial and operational spheres. They are provider of the tools which are required to create change for patients, community and business. Customer partners with stakeholders across the healthcare universe, including payers, health plans and programs, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, and employers.


Customer Situation

azure infrastructure as code vnb consulting

Customer had a requirement to create an automated process to build a mission critical highly available infrastructure on Azure with configurable parameters ideally using Azure Infrastructure as Code (AIC). Customers infrastructure included BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Storage Account, Active Directory, Jump Box, Virtual Network, Web Servers etc. Deployment process should also be drafted for creating azure directory resources, configure SQL Always On cluster as per requirement and configure BizTalk Server as per requirement.

VNB Solution

azure infrastructure as code vnb consulting

VNB azure team was approached by Microsoft to assist its key customer with this complex infrastructure automation. After conducting a detailed assessment of the customers current infrastructure and requirements, VNB designed the initial infrastructure landscape. VNB team then created a deployment process which will run from Azure CLI and deploys all the azure resources with ARM templates, PowerShell and Azure building blocks. PowerShell DSC, ARM Custom Script Extensions were also applied on the VMs to meet the customers requirement for configurations and other customizations. Follow artifacts were build as part of the deployment process. - Scripts for creating Virtual Network, Subnets, Jump Box and Active Directory. - Scripts for installing SQL Server Cluster and configuration of sample DB with Always ON Availability Group. - Scripts for installing Application DB SQL Cluster - Scripts installing for Web Server - Scripts installing Web Servers - Scripts installing for BizTalk Servers - Scripts for configuring the BizTalk Server

Customer Benefits

  • Ease of deployment of infrastructure for various environments on Azure.
  • Standardization of utilization of best practices while creating the BizTalk Server environments.
  • Repeatable solution for infrastructure as code which can be applied to create the various BizTalk hubs requirement for the customer.
  • Reduced effort on creation of the resources on Azure and resulted in enormous effort rationalization in the overall Azure Uplift project.
  • Scripts created can be reused on different environments and are configurable based on parameters.

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