A Leader In 3PL Replace An Old Legacy EDI Platform With Azure Integration Services


VNB Consulting implemented a Microsoft Azure Integration Services B2B EDI solution for a leading 3rd Party Logistic Company using Azure Logic Apps and API Management.

Customer Profile

A leader in 3PL services, specializing in full-service solutions that are flexible and customizable, designed to adapt quickly to the demands of business and an ever-changing economic landscape. Customer has team of professionals with years of experience designing, building and implementing high-performing supply chain and logistics solutions The Customer was considering using Microsoft Azure Integration services.

Customer Situation

microsoft azure integration services solution by vnb consulting

Customer has a comprehensive Warehouse Management System in place with mySQL as backend. But, the B2B integration process to communicate Warehouse EDI documents between vendors and their WMS system was very complicated, cumbersome and expensive. Customer wanted a business user friendly, scalable and cost effective solution to cater their integration needs. They needed an agile solution that does not add much to the cost when new vendors added in future.

Our Solution Offering

microsoft azure integration services solution by vnb consulting

VNB Consulting proposed a scalable and flexible modern integration solution on Azure that leverages EDI and B2B capabilities of Azure Logic Apps, Integration Account and API Management. Our team created a business user friendly, scalable and cost-effective EDI solution to cater customers integration needs. Our flexible and scalable integration solution didn’t incur extra cost on customer for adding new partners. We utilized an agile approach, which included: Setup and configuration of Azure API management to expose business transactions of customers on-premise Warehouse Management System. Azure Logic Apps workflows to send-receive data from Partners to API Management. Setup and configuration of trading partners and agreements using Azure Integration Account. Development of complex maps to transform EDI 940 Warehouse Orders, 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice, 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice, and 945 Shipping Advice. Tracking and monitoring business transactions using Azure Log Analytics

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced transaction mapping and implementation costs by 80 to 90 percent. Accelerated its time to implement and deploy new EDI documents by 75 percent. Simplified enterprise integration and the storage and management of artifacts used in B2B communications with Enterprise Integration Pack integration accounts.
  • With our WMS hosted in Azure, instead of spending 16 weeks and USD140,000 in hardware and software to set up a customer’s on-premises environment, Customer can get the job done in two hours and it costs us USD1,600 a month.
  • Gained better insight into customer costs, communications, and solution performance monitoring with Azure built-in security and Log Analytics.

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