A Sound Power BI Reporting Solution To Consolidate Cost & Revenue To Calculate Gross Margins


VNB assisted a linen service provider consolidate cost (SAP) and revenue (Invoicing System) data from different sources to build a reporting solution to calculate gross margins

Customer Profile

A widely recognized organization in the supply of workplace uniforms and sundries, with over 30 locations nationally, known for their ability to understand, anticipate and meet clients’ needs. The customer was anticipating a need for a Power BI cost management dashboard solution.

Customer Situation

power bi cost management dashboard solution vnb consulting

Customer was using a manual process of downloading cost (SAP) and revenue (invoicing system) data into excel spreadsheets and calculate gross margins for its sales. The manual process worked for many years but with the rapid growth in business and increase in data volume the Customer kicked off an initiative to create a modern BI solution with automated data integration to calculate gross margins.

VNB Solution

dynamics 365 customer service vnb consulting

After few initial discovery sessions and analysis of the current manual processes VNB PowerBI team proposed a Power BI cost management dashboard solution leveraging Azure Analytics and Power BI. The new solution leveraged Azure Data Factory for data integration, Azure SQL Data Warehouse for data storage, Azure Analysis Services for data modeling and PowerBI for data visualizations. Key dimensions and facts were identified from cost\revenue data and were implemented as a star schema based dimensional mode into Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Large set of SAP cost data and invoicing systems revenue data were incrementally loaded into various cubes within Azure Analysis Services. PowerBI was reports and dashboards were created for key stakeholders to view gross margins by store and locations.

Customer Benefits

  • The new automated reporting solution allowed the IT team to deliver gross margin reports to upper management with latest data on a daily basis
  • The end users were now able to leverage many features of PowerBI to create their own dashboards and slice\dice the data at a much granular level.

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