A Major Linen Service Provider, Route Orders Through The Azure Cloud To Expand Business And Solve Order Problems Faster


VNB assisted a major linen service provider to move its order processing from a third party legacy platform to Azure Integration Services.

Customer Profile

A family-owned large Linen supply provider that serves thousands of businesses across the United States.

Customer Situation

azure cloud solution vnb consulting

Until recently, Customer stuck to founders focus of renting linen and uniforms, while expanding into healthcare products and restroom supplies. Customer has grown steadily to include more than 2,500 employees working from 40 facilities in five western US states. When the company decided to expand into direct sales of apparel products, it was presented with challenges as well as opportunities. Customer partnered with an independent electronic data interchange (EDI) company to process the company’s e-commerce orders and send the orders to the appropriate supplier for fulfillment. However, problems arose. Customer was at the mercy of the EDI supplier for getting new suppliers set up, which could take months. Customer had minimal insight into the order process, so they couldn’t fix problems quickly, which affected customer service. In short, they found themselves very dependent on another company for order fulfillment in a fast-growing area of our business.

VNB Solution

azure cloud solution vnb consulting

Customer selected VNB Consulting a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, with strong expertise in building integration solution on Azure. In just three months, Customer's team and VNB created an order processing and management system in Azure and replaced the third-party EDI provider, managing all direct-sales orders. VNB utilized an agile approach, which included: Decoupled Azure Logic Apps workflows to send-receive data from eCommerce portal and send-receive data to on premise SAP ERP system. Setup and configuration of trading partners and agreements using Azure Integration Account. Development of complex maps to transform EDI 850 Orders, 856 Ship Confirms, 855 Order Ack and 810 Invoices. Tracking and monitoring business transactions using Azure Log Analytics and PowerBI.

Customer Benefits

  • Today, with Azure Integration solution , Customer can get suppliers on boarded within two weeks versus the two months or longer that the third party EDI provider required. The faster they can integrate partners, the faster they can grow business.
  • Hosting online order platform in Azure Cloud relieves Customer of worry about servers, security updates, and other IT ‘plumbing’ issues.
  • With the Azure Integration solution, Customer have access to much more data and can use Azure Cloud Log Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI to get insights into all the business transactions.

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