Transition from a static PowerPoint Authority Matrix to interactive Power Apps for a large beverage company


VNB Consulting assisted a beverage company create an interactive Authority Matrix App for its stakeholders using Power Apps

Customer Profile

Customer is an American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation It has interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products. The Customer had no way of effectively visualizing their data and were interested in a Power Apps UI.


Customer Situation

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While the customer had modernized most of the services for its end consumers, the internal processes were still behind on digital transformation. The customer was looking to modernize its access to table of authority on a real-time basis. One of the key requirements was also for the app to look crisp and modern along with mobility. Our team, in their response to the customer, proposed a solution of building a Power Apps to replace the static PowerPoint template.

Our Solution Offering

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VNB Consulting Services rolled out the table of authority functionality using Microsoft Power Apps that enabled the internal resources to quickly get details on the various authorization levels and approvers depending on one or many classifications like Category and Amount range. One of the key requirements, was for dynamic display of fields and data based on key attributes. Our team made sure the Power Apps UI screens were functional and clear irrespective of any type of display created dynamically by leveraging latest features in Power Apps. The solution’s inherent mobility made it easier for the employees to effectively use it on the go at any given time on any device. The app also had multiple screens to display static images containing visuals or procedures by just placing them on OneDrive or SharePoint locations. The responsive solution allowed the customer to easily navigate through the various screens in any type of device (web or tablets or phone). The solution and its data model was created in such a way that it allowed for future extensibility and scalability with minimal changes.

Customer Benefits

  • Internal team no longer had to rely on logging into the computers and pull up the documents through all the authorization levels.
  • Centralized access to the app across organization helped maintain a single source of information, rather than each team having their own version causing confusion and rework.
  • The solution provided a foundation for building automated approval system as a side effect using Microsoft Flow.

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