Healthcare Services Firm Integrate Providers With Care Management Solution Using Azure Health Services


VNB implemented an Azure health service integration solution for a healthcare services company to get patient details from providers into their cloud hosted care management solution

Customer Profile

Customer is a fast-growing company that produces the software system in the United States which combines patient reported outcomes with clinical data from electronic health records to produce personalized care plans for cancer patients and cancer survivors.  At the core they are sophisticated clinical rules engine that processes historical and current clinical data for a patient in an artificial intelligence like manner to produce personalized care plans. An Azure based health service was essential.

Customer Situation

azure health service solution vnb consulting biztalk migration

Customer was looking to implement an integration solution to get patient details from various providers into their cloud hosted care management solution. Customer wanted a business user friendly, scalable and cost-effective solution to cater their integration needs. They needed an agile solution that does not add much to the cost when new providers were added in future.

VNB Solution

azure health service solution vnb consulting biztalk migration

After conducting a detailed assessment of the client’s requirements, VNB recommended an integration solution leveraging Azure Integration Services. VNB built a scalable and flexible solution to bring data from various healthcare providers and send them to the customers care management solution. VNB utilized an agile approach, which included: - Development of complete liquid maps to transform provider formats into JSON. - Development of Azure LogicApps workflow to access care management solutions REST API endpoints - Setup of retry capabilities, logging framework and custom email notifications in case of error scenarios. - Download / Upload of patient details from various provider portals using API connections - Interchange pub-sub architecture to ensure multi-tenancy in the partners integrations to the customer API. - Tracking and monitoring business transactions using Azure Log Analytics.

Customer Benefit

  • Lower cost to run the integration solution by leveraging Azure Integration Services pay as you go model.
  • Easy to maintain integration solution with flexibility to add new providers with no down time.
  • Insights into business transactions leveraging PowerBI for Azure Log Analytics

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