Effective Solution For A Heavily Customized Environment


VNB Consulting builds a standards-based BizTalk Architecture integration solution for a premier furniture wholesale firm.

Customer Profile

A major furniture wholesaler company whose mission is to turn houses into homes with their impeccable pieces of furniture. They provide their customers an entire range of living, dinning, and entertainment selections and are built on a reputation of producing furniture that is easy to live with and which also keeps the consumers budget in mind.

Customer Situation

biztalk architecture solution vnb consulting

The Client was using Microsoft BizTalk as their central platform to integrate Suppliers and Buyers to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. Although BizTalk offers out-of-the-box features, the client failed to fully utilize the capabilities and developed a lot of custom programs. This resulted in a complex environment that was not cost or resource effective. Customer reached out to VNB Consulting services to conduct a detailed discovery and analysis of their existing scenario and propose a solution which was scalable, easy to maintain and conformed to BizTalk Architecture Standards.

Our Solution Offering

Migration to Dynamic 365

VNB Consulting conducted a detailed analysis and discovery of the client’s scenario and recommended a robust BizTalk architecture Roadmap strategy. The client subsequently partnered with VNB Consulting to develop a Service Oriented Architecture which allowed data flow effectively to and from Microsoft Great Plains. Our team utilized a canonical service layer making the solution reusable and easy to maintain. This resulted in high turnaround time in adding a supplier or a buyer to the integration platform. We also eliminated cumbersome customization, wherever it was feasible, which was adversely affecting the business.

Customer Benefits

  • The Business was able to add 25% more suppliers and buyers with the first 12 months.
  • The new solution saved IT up to 20% on their annual maintenance budget for the integration platform.
  • Standards based platform which streamlined business processes and drastically improved business efficiency.

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