Utilities Services Company Create An Automated Process On Azure For Work Orders Processing


VNB assisted a utilities services company to create an automated process on Azure for work orders processing using Dynamics SL ERP, Azure LogicApps, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Factory.


Customer Profile

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Customer is a leading super-regional provider of outsourced services to natural gas and electric utilities. They offer a comprehensive suite of services with best-in-class operational capabilities and results. They provide professional, superior, project execution to large investor-owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities. Customer's end-to-end offerings are guided by their strong experienced management team, at both the executive and operational levels. Their technical stack included an Dynamics SL ERP.

Customer Situation

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ustomer needed to integrate their field service management tool with Dynamics SL ERP hosted on premise and automate the process of uploading Daily data (Activity, Time, Units and Material) from excel workorders. Primary requirement was to parse information present in excel worksheets, produced by field service management tool, validate and insert into Dynamics SL ERP. After a thorough vendor selection process customer selected VNB Azure team to automate the work order processing. An Office 365 exchange online mailbox to receive emails with excel work orders as attachments A of a centralized workflow engine using Azure LogicApps to automate the process of extracting excel attachments from email Azure Functions to parse and validate excel worksheets Azure SQL database to store the daily records Azure Data Factory process to sync data between Azure SQL Database and on-premise Dynamics SL ERP One Drive to archive the attachments Office 365 exchange online to send success and error email to the sender

Customer Benefits

  • The automated processing improved the overall work order business process by 45%.
  • Automated error management in the new work order processing solution helped customer resolve work order errors faster.
  • Automation of the work order processing improved overall customer service by 30%.

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