Logistics and Supply Chain Company Automate Work Order Management using Power Platform


VNB assisted a logistics customer to automate work order management process leveraging Microsoft PowerApps, Dataverse and Power Automate

Customer Profile

Customer focuses on solving end to end supply chain needs by taking the complexity out of container shipping. Customer Logistics process is the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions, fusing global network and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable their customers to stay ahead.

Customer Situation


The customer had a requirement to automate their Work Order intake process, the tool for collecting Work Order and billing details. Customer had a manual process for their Work Order Management and was looking for a modern capability which will help with their current Orders intake and processing of Work orders. The application will be used by their sales and customer service teams to take new Work Orders and help service existing orders, update their customer on order delivery.

VNB Solution


VNB Apps and Automation team conducted a detailed analysis and discovery of customer existing manual process for Work Order Management and recommended a robust Business Transformation plan. VNB recommended an online automated system to manage the process of Work Order and Approvals which is used by the inside sales team. The Work Order Automation process is created using Microsoft Power Apps with Dataverse. The application enabled Sales teams to enter work orders from multiple customers. The application integration interface is developed using Power Automate Flow and the interface is connected to the customer database to fetch the data which is exposed to the customer to proceed with the Work Order. The complete approval process of work orders is automated with contract review of multiple levels for approvals. The signoff after review is also automated using Microsoft Word and DocuSign. The internal process of approval is done with Power Automate lazy approvals on multiple channels, app, email, and Microsoft Teams. This helped customer reduce the overall decision-making timeline by leaps and bounds for approvals of Work Orders.

Customer Benefits 

  • Quick turnaround time: Complete digital transformation of manual Word Order process helped customer teams to be productive and serve their customer quickly.
  • Ease of approval: Multiple levels of approval process hassle was made easy with online and automated approvals.
  • Online document management: All work order documents are kept online with easy access for review and sign-off which also can be shared to customers or vendors using DocuSign integrated from within the app.
  • Increase productivity with zero or less error: Work Order Application reduced a lot of manual effort, thereby reducing scope of manual errors and increased overall productivity for various teams involved in the manual process.

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