Urology Healthcare Provider Implements Bed List PowerApps to Streamline Patients Admissions and Care


VNB assisted an Urology Healthcare Provider develop and deploy a PowerApps solution integrated with Athena Practice EHR via FHIR APIs to manage patient admissions and care

Customer Profile

Customer is a leading healthcare provider based in Richmond ,Virginia. It has a long history of providing quality care to the Greater Richmond metro area since 1929. The practice prides itself on its strong commitment to the community’s urological needs by recruiting highly skilled physicians and using the latest technology. The practice is comprised of over 55 providers that include urologists and urogynecologists as well as physicians specializing in the urologic aspect of anesthesiology, pathology, radiation oncology, and radiology.

Customer Situation 

Customer was looking for a solution/mobile application for their healthcare providers to search patient data from their Athena Practice EHR system utilizing the HL7 FHIR APIs. The app was also required to facilitate addition of new patients to the providers bed list in different facilities. The app also required views for the care provider to review a patient’s medical history, prescriptions, diagnostic lab reports and other relevant details.

VNB Solution

VNB Apps and Integration team assessed the requirement and recommended a solution using Microsoft Power Platform. Power Automate was used to integrate with the Athena Practice EHR FHIR APIs to get real time data to the front end. VNB theorized that a single point of entry for the physicians to gather patient data would cause a huge reduction in the time taken to achieve their goals. The mobile Power App was designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. The Landing screen enabled the care provider to maintain their respective Patient’s bed list. It also included a Patient Search integrated with Athena Health Practice EHR FHIR APIs. The App included eye-catching tiles for care providers to navigate easily through each screen to access necessary information like Patient Details, Medical History, Lab reports, Clinical Notes etc. The following FHIR resources were integrated with the Power App: Patient Practitioner DiagnosticOrder Coverage DocumentReference Observation Condition CarePlan Appointment Role-based access was implemented to ensure certain features and areas of app are available only to the authorized people in the organization and administrators. The overall solution benefitted the Customer to enable further digital transformation for various IT use cases with the use of Microsoft Power Platform which has the following features : Platform Independent: PowerApps is platform independent and can run on any devices Low code Development: PowerApps is a low code development model. Easy deployment and versioning: PowerApps provided its own versioning so no need to integrate with other source control systems.

Customer Benefits: The solution brought numerous benefits to the client, including but not limited to:

  • No Downtime Can easily add new features into existing PowerApps, there will less or no downtime of PowerApps. Business processes will not be impacted.
  • Easy to Understand MS PowerApps provides designer view which is very easy to understand by business users and operations teams.
  • Easy to Maintain VNB provided Customer team training on PowerApps development. The team feels: PowerApps are easier to build, maintain and carry out any updates if required. Customer team is well-versed with PowerApps development process now and is comfortable to make any changes to the app if required in near future.
  • Easily Accessible Patient Data directly integrated with EHR With the integration of MS PowerApps, Care provider can easily and quickly view the historical prescriptions and diagnostics reports.
  • Ease of use PowerApps based solution is easy to use for the users.

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