Quoting Power Apps

VNB Quote App empowers employees to quickly generate a quote with single or multiple PDF’s merged that can be sent to one or many customers to generate leads and business. It is Office 365 integrated and incorporates Microsoft Flow for communication and Powerapps approval workflow. Easily choose multiple products (which resides in Dynamic CRM), make quotations and send the quotation PDF to multiple customers. One can quickly merge other documents with the quotation PDF and send them as a quote email attachment. VNB Quotation Apps also comes with pre-built Power BI Reporting to slice and dice your quotes and budgets. With built in PowerApps approval workflows, this application will speed up and optimize everyday business operations.

powerapps approval workflow quoting app 1 - vnb consulting

Find & Select Products

Employees can quickly search for products across categories or by key words or just by scanning barcodes. The results pane shows crisp images and details of the products to help decide and select easily.

powerapps approval workflow quoting app 2 - vnb consulting

Find Customers

Quickly screen for customers based on search type to send the quote for the products selected in the previous screen. It also gives you option to add/register new customers.

powerapps approval workflow quoting app 3 - vnb consulting

Review & Send Quotes

This is the final screen to review and send the quote to one or more customers for the selected products. One could automatically create new opportunity by just checking off the box at the bottom of the screen. The screen also allows for merging of multiple documents and sending them out along with the quote.