A Global Boutique Merchant Bank Replaces Its Legacy Portal With Power Apps


VNB assisted a global boutique merchant bank replace its legacy custom portal with Power Apps, SharePoint Online and Power Automate

Customer Profile

Customer is global boutique merchant bank focused exclusively on technology, media and telecommunications. Customer provides sell-side, buy-side, private placement, merger, joint venture, defense, fairness opinion, special committee, intellectual property, capital structure and IPO advisory services. It offers services exclusively to digital, media & entertainment and sports & lifestyle companies.

Customer Situation

microsoft power automate solution

Customer was looking to migrate their existing on-premises Intranet website to SharePoint Online and Power Apps in cloud. The customer also wanted to improve some of the existing UI/UX and apps by integrating with on-premises data and also streamline access provisioning as role based access to the intranet so that the same intranet site could be used globally.

Our Solution Offering

microsoft power automate for banking

Our team helped the customer to implement SharePoint online solution based upon Microsoft recommended guidelines and without any data loss. All the user interfaces and forms were converted to Microsoft Power Apps with connection to on-premises data using Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps. SharePoint Online, Power Apps, Power Automate and Azure Logics Apps solution helped the customer to collaborate, make informed decisions and administer content and workflow with ease in a secured and centrally hosted location. It helped in easy sharing of information across organization globally. Access was granted to the users to various SharePoint pages based on their roles to ensure right people have access to the right information. While migrating the intranet to SharePoint online, our team ensured the following factors - Minimum disruption to existing work, Easy onboarding of existing data and users, Portal accessibility and training, and Support for existing business processes.

Customer Benefits

  • No Down Time: With SharePoint Online, the customer’s new Intranet platform has reduced the downtime required for on-premises for various maintenance activities.
  • Enhanced Security: Various teams can share vital information without divulging any sensitive propriety information embedded in documents through SharePoint Online real-time collaborations. Customer can also monitor user behavior to help ensure compliance with any internal policies.
  • Effortless Collaboration: SharePoint Online helped seamlessly connect employees with the documents, information, people, and projects they need to perform their jobs. The customer was able to drive innovation across the organization by enabling every team to quickly build low-code apps with Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Simplified Information Exchange: The new solution simplified access to business information for everyone. It helped Customer to overcome version control issues that are prevalent when storing files on a server. Customer can maintain a single document, allow multiple users to continuously update it, all with a record of the changes and the ability to revert to an earlier version if needed.
  • Cost Savings: Having a total cloud solution helped the Customer to eliminate the cost of a separate on-premise infrastructure supporting their on-premises intranet site. The customer reduced development costs and increased overall efficiency using Power Automate and Power Apps.
  • Better Productivity: Customer was able to achieve easy transmit of data, track information, manage documents, work on group projects, and much more without confusion or delays thereby improving staff productivity. Customer was able to empower the team to start building and launching apps when needed across departments like HR, Compliance, IT. VNB also gave the customer required training for enthusiastic team members. Ease of development by using pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and quick deployment was a very welcome change for many teams.

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